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Union Services & Training

The Institute for Labor Studies has always considered the education of union stewards and labor leaders to be its primary mission. Courses for union leaders are divided into: contract training, labor relations and employment law, and workplace health and safety.

We offer individual courses on-site, at the time and place you choose, with experienced faculty and staff who understand the specific needs of union leaders throughout the labor movement. Go online to explore our online course offerings at Ed2Go.

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Steward Training


Learn the legal rights and responsibilities of union stewards in order to become a more effective advocate for your co-workers.

We offer basic and advanced steward training workshops that benefits stewards and union officials who are in any way involved in the grievance process


Workplace Health & Safety

The Workplace Rights Education Project was developed in 1991 with the support of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO. The project's main goal is to reach out and educate workers about their rights on the job. This is accomplished by targeting mainly low-income and non-union workers.

Recognized by many in the state education system for their expertise, the Institute staff have trained thousands of workers across the state by reaching out to community based organizations, social service agencies, schools, libraries and adult education providers.

Collective Bargaining


The Collective Bargaining Training program is designed by the Institute for Labor Studies and Research for individuals with little or no negotiations experience. Participants are exposed to various terms, concepts, processes and strategies which make up the collective bargaining process.

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