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Workplace Rights Education Project

The Workplace Rights Education Project was developed in 1991 with the support of the Rhode Island AFL-CIO. The project's main goal is to reach out and educate workers about their rights on the job. This is accomplished by targeting mainly low-income and non-union workers.

Recognized by many in the state education system for their expertise, Institute staff has trained thousands of workers across the state by reaching out to community based organizations, social service agencies, schools, libraries and adult education providers.

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Student’s Guide to Health & Safety on the Job & Workplace Rights

Two-hour presentation based on the Institute’s publication, A Student’s Guide to Health and Safety on the Job, and workplace rights in Rhode Island.

Workers’ Rights Workshops

The Institute provides training in workplace rights to a diverse cross section of Rhode Island’s workforce. This workshop is based on the Institute’s publication Your Rights on the Job: A Resource Guide to Workplace Rights in Rhode Island.  In addition, the Institute distributes brochures on workers’ rights and heath and safety brochures in multiple languages.

Workers’ Compensation Education and Outreach Project

The Institute offers presentations about Workers’ Compensation rights and responsibilities to students and immigrant workers. Workshops are conducted in a highly interactive, problem-solving format based on realistic job-specific scenarios that pertain to employees’ rights under the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation System.

Immigrant Workers Rights Project (IWRP)

In 2001, with a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation, the Institute for Labor Studies and Research, in collaboration with Progresso Latino, ChisPA and the Rhode Island Coalition for Immigrants & Refugees developed a public education and organizing campaign to empower immigrant workers to achieve justice in the workplace.

The mission of the IWRP is to strengthen legal labor protections for low-income immigrant workers. The main goal of the Project is to educate and empower workers to access labor protections by providing information about workplace laws, including, but not limited to, workers’ compensation and health and safety on the job.

The Project educates immigrants through the Workers’ Rights Hotline, education programs, the Workplace Rights Education Program, bilingual radio shows, and a series of multi-lingual workers’ rights workshops for community, religious, labor organizations, immigrant groups and social service agencies. The Project also distributes educational materials in various languages. The IWRP also conducts a public education campaign to inform immigrant workers about their rights and responsibilities under the Workers’ Compensation system.

Project staff educated over 2,000 workers through a series of community forums and workshops in partnership with the Immigrants in Action Committee, St. Teresa’s Church and Fuerza Laboral (Power of Workers). The International Workers’ Compensation Foundation and the RI Department of Labor & Training Workers’ Compensation Division fund the campaign.

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