Teacher Assistant Training Program

The Teacher Assistant Training Program, approved by the RI Department of Education (RIDE), offers the opportunity to become a full-time, part-time or substitute teacher assistant. This program is delivered by a team of highly qualified teachers, teacher assistants, healthcare professionals, and ESOL instructors. Cost: $305. If you meet specific eligibility requirements, the cost of the training will be covered by grant funds and you will attend an additional day of training per week.

Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis and space is limited.

*PLEASE NOTE: Completing the application linked below does not guarantee immediate placement in the course. Upon reviewing your application, we will assess your eligibility and notify you of class placement, if you qualify.


Learn more about our Teacher Assistant Training Program by checking out our conversation on LaborVision RI. Click the video button below and jump to the 2nd half of the show!

Contact information:

     Gilak Alvarez, Enrollment Coordinator: galvarez@riilsr.org

     Fatima Martin, Program Coordinator: fmartin@riilsr.org