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The Institute for Labor Studies and Research offers workplace-based, and community-based adult education programming to Rhode Islanders.  Our core service is English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and we offer Adult Basic and Adult Secondary Education classes as well.  Our programming is learner-centered, participatory, and taught by an innovative team of dedicated teachers.  ILSR’s Workplace Adult Education Project (WAEP) receives major funding from the Rhode Island Department of Education and the City of Providence First Source Program.

The Workplace Adult Education Project (WAEP), a major program of the Institute for Labor Studies and Research (ILSR), was founded in 1987 to “provide adult literacy instruction to educationally disadvantaged Rhode Island workers at their workplace.”  We have nearly three decades’ experience delivering literacy and skill development through effective collaborations among employers, labor organizations and incumbent workers.  Many participants take literacy classes in their places of employment, increasing access for students, and helping to develop a more skilled and empowered workforce.

More recently, the WAEP has expanded to include classes based in community sites that are open to the general public seeking ESOL and other adult education services.  We serve nearly 250 students a year.  We collaborate with a variety of partners, including labor, employers, and community organizations to create innovative educational opportunities for our learners.

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