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About ILSR

The Institute for Labor Studies & Research (ILSR) is a 501(c)(3), private, non-profit educational institution that provides education and training to enable working Rhode Islanders and the labor movement to have a stronger voice in the workplace, to participate more effectively in Rhode Island’s changing job market and to create a more just and equitable society.

ILSR has been supporting businesses, labor unions, and workers since 1980 by working to build an educated, competitive workforce that helps Rhode Island grow and prosper.



Employers benefit when their workers stay educated and keep up with new technologies. An educated workforce will:

  • increase productivity

  • reduce errors and accidents

  • adapt to new methods

  • communicate effectively

  • understand instructions

  • read personnel policies &

  • safety manuals

  • qualify for transfers & promotions

  • understand technology

Meet our Supporters


The ILSR offers customized training and workshops for union leaders. Our offerings include:

  • labor relations

  • steward training

  • leadership skills

  • computer training

  • conflict resolution

  • public speaking

  • effective communication

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The ILSR offers employees the opportunity to pursue their education in a convenient and supportive environment at their workplace, so they can:

  • improve job skills

  • obtain a high school degree

  • learn English

  • improve reading and writing skills

  • build a brighter future

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Since 1980, ILSR has offered education and training programs that have improved the lives of over 150,000 people. Whether individuals enrolled in non-credit personal enrichment courses, ESL/GED programs at the worksite, industry certification preparation programs, or college courses leading to a degree, ILSR has been instrumental in changing the lives of Rhode Island workers.

Workplace Adult Education Project

The ILSR Workplace Adult Education Project provides workplace adult education for workers at their place of employment. This program offers
employees the opportunity to pursue their education in the convenient and supportive environment of their workplace.

Classes include:

  • English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

  • Technology Training

  • Customized classes to address job-specific needs

  • Financial Literacy

Workplace Rights Education Project

The Workplace Rights Education Project’s goal is to reach out and educate workers about their rights on the job. This is accomplished by targeting
mainly low-income and non-union workers.
Workshops include:


  • Workplace Rights Education

  • Health and Safety Training for both youth and adults

  • Labor Relations Training

  • Immigrant Worker Rights

  • Workers’ Compensation Education

  • Others available upon request

Customized Job
Skills Training

Whether at the workplace or in the classroom, the ILSR offers
customized education and job skills training for a wide variety of
skill trades and professions.


  • Teacher Assistant Certification Training

  • Basic Welding

  • Workplace Spanish (occupation specific)

  • Computer Training

  • Others available upon request

College Courses

ILSR offers hundreds of online, non-credit courses ranging from personal enrichment to professional development and certificate programs through ed2go.

Whether you are interested in face-to-face, instructor-led courses or online
courses,  ILSR can help you attain the degree or certification you are looking for.

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