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Union Leadership Training

The Institute for Labor Studies has always considered the education of union stewards and labor leaders to be its primary mission. We have divided the courses for union leaders into four broad categories: contract training, labor relations and employment law, workplace health and safety, and computer training.

We offer individual courses with experienced faculty and staff who understand the specific needs of union leaders throughout the labor movement. These courses are catered to your organizational needs and can be scheduled on-site at a time and place that works for you. Learn more about our programs below.

We also offer many courses online through our Ed2Go program.

Inquire today about scheduling a training for your organization:

Effective Communication

Are You an Effective Communicator?

Sometimes what is being said is not what is being heard. Communication is a message effectively sent and received without the distraction of personality, bias, noise, and pre-judgement. Learn to communicate effectively as both an individual and a team through the skills and information offered in this workshop.

Leadership Training

Leaders of union locals require an array of skills and knowledge to effectively manage situations that arise in a local and to build the confidence of the membership. This workshop is extremely valuable to both new and veteran union leaders.

Collective Bargaining & Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training

A two-session program that will prepare bargaining committee members to develop, cost and present proposals. Participants will be exposed to the steps necessary for successful negotiations. The second session will be devoted to a three-hour mock negotiation, where participants will put into practice the skills acquired in the first session.

Steward Training

Basic Steward Training

Learn the legal rights and responsibilities of union stewards in order to become a more effective advocate for your co-workers. This workshop, designed for both new and experienced stewards, covers topics such as the Duty of Fair Representation, advocacy and Weingarten rights, grievance handling, duty to bargain over unilateral changes in working conditions, and the personal elements of good stewardship.

Advanced Steward Training

This workshop goes into greater depth with respect to Collective Bargaining Agreement contract enforcement. From writing to processing a grievance, beginning at Step One through the arbitration process, the training includes grievance investigation process, preparation of witnesses, amendment procedures for the grievance and remedy, and preparations and conducting the arbitration process, as well as addressing grievances involving competing member interests. This training benefits stewards and union officials who are in any way involved in the grievance process.

Workplace Health & Safety

Health and Safety Issues in the Workplace

Working conditions that pose hazards to the health and safety of members are usually a violation of local, state, and/or federal laws. Learn how to monitor and maintain a safe working environment for your co-workers and how to assist them in the event of workplace injury. The Workers’ Compensation system can provide relief to workers who suffer job-related injuries. This workshop helps the steward to help others by providing the knowledge necessary to keep workers safe and to assist them when they are hurt on the job.


Computer Training

Costing out Contracts Using Excel

This workshop provides participants with the working knowledge and skills needed to use Excel to successfully cost out items in a  contract.

Power Point for Union Leaders

In this entry-level course, participants learn how to create a presentation using design templates. Participants will learn to add, delete and format slides, text and clip art; check spelling and style, and add sound to presentations. Participants should have knowledge of Microsoft Word.

Using Social Media Effectively

Learn the basics on the effective use on such things as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to remain current and keep your members.

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