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An ESOL learner in our program, Claudia Galeano, writes:

            I take ILSR English classes because it offers you alternative levels and schedules. The program offers conversation practice and different levels of grammar, according to your level. Teachers pay a lot of attention to their students’ learning process. The classes offer varied topics to learn from, such as everyday life, job interviews, doctors’ visits, and even shopping. This style allows students to be more prepared to face their life outside of class. Students are ready to continue their education choosing GED programs or higher education at the Community College or University.

            This program is different from others because every semester they do an evaluation to check students’ progress and how they can improve the program to positively impact the lives of their students. They also offer technology to their students to practice lessons through the tablets or computers. Now that the world is changing due to the Pandemic, the program has not been left behind, they are offering virtual classes for students to connect from their homes and continue participating in the classes. If the students do not have access to a computer, this device is provided so that it is not an obstacle in their learning process.

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