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Leadership for a Future



Leadership for a Future (LFAF) provides an opportunity for leaders from diverse groups and backgrounds, and forge relationships and networks that will forever benefit them, their organizations, and their communities. LFAF creates a unique and empowering environment by bringing together community groups, labor unions, and religious communities, and pushing its' participants beyond their comfort zones every session.

This program generates a powerful, committed, and diverse network of graduates who have taken the time to understand one another, learn from each other and take action together. This network is imperative in order to achieve the shared goals of economic and social justice for ALL Rhode Islanders. 

LFAF begins with a mandatory, over-night leadership retreat and it continues with sessions held on Monday nights from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The leadership retreat is a crucial piece in relationship building among the class and sets the tone for the entirety of the program. Throughout the course, participants examine the process and impact of social influence and leadership on the many issues facing Rhode Islanders today. Topics include but are not limited to: social-economic status, individual and systemic racism, immigration reform, addiction, education, employment, equity, and access. 

Lectures from more than 20 guest speakers and continued class discussions open up the conversation around institutional reflection, self-determination, power analysis and comprehensive studies on a variety of societal topics. In addition to learning about Rhode Island’s history, culture, economy, and politics, LFAF participants are introduced to many skills such as grass roots organizing, using social media, lobbying for change, and public speaking. Throughout class discussions, participants share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others in the group.

Individually, and/or as a group, the class will select issues in their communities they would like to address through a Community Action Project (CAP). The knowledge and skills attained through each Monday session assist in the process of addressing each issue. Every week participants will work towards the construction and implementation of a strategic analysis and action plan for addressing their individual and team goals. 

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