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Professional Development Training Workshops

The Institute for Labor Studies and Research (ILSR) offers professional development training workshops for organizations and individuals that help employees sharpen their professional skills and assist them in meeting workplace challenges. ILSR is happy to partner with organizations and individuals to schedule the course(s) that fit their specific workplace needs. 
The below workshops are offered to various Rhode Island State Employees and Department of Corrections employees, and a similar version can be offered.

For organizations, we have a minimum class size of twelve (12) and a maximum of twenty (20). If the topic you are looking for is missing from the list below, the Institute for Labor Studies and Research can partner with you to design customized course curriculums to meet the needs of your organization.

For individuals interested in applying, your information will be kept on a waitlist until the class is full, with a minimum of 12 participants. Once the class minimum is met and the course is scheduled, you will be contacted to confirm your registration.
Contact Denise Cesino: or 401-463-9900

Click on the Sign-Up link to complete an interest form and an ILSR coordinator will contact you shortly.

Course Listings: 

     Abnormal Psychology                                                                
     Cultural Sociology
     Effective Writing for Business I                                               
     Effective Writing for Business II
     Effective Presentations
     Managing Change
     Organizational Psychology 101
     Organizational Psychology 201
     Professional/Effective Communications
     Psychology in the Workplace
     Psychology/Leadership in the Workplace

The professional development training courses at ILSR provide:

  • ILSR instructors who are adjunct college professors or highly experienced professionals in their field

  • ILSR classes in a virtual format via ZOOM providing flexibility while fostering class interaction  

  • Class sizes with minimum of 12 students and maximum of 20

  • Class lengths of either 15 hours/5-weeks or 24 hours/8- weeks

  • Flexibility to extend class length if needed

ILSR's Professional Development Training Workshops empower employees to achieve their personal and professional goals while contributing to their organization’s success. 

*For more information about Professional Development Training Workshops email:

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